Small Is Beautiful: The Renault Twizy EV

Displayed at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, the Renault Twizy is already on sale in Europe

The Renault Twizy is already on sale in Europe and reports suggest that this practical urban car will be launched in India, too.

 The ultra-compact footprint of Renault Twizy (length: 2.32 metres / width: 1.19 metres / height: 1.46 metres) is ideally suited to city motoring.

 The speed of this version is capped at 45kph, which means it can be driven without a licence in certain countries.

Renault Twizy will clearly appeal to busy, carowning city dwellers looking for a second vehicle, as well as to younger drivers interested in a safe way to gain experience in traffic thanks to the availability of a version that will not require a driver's licence (depending on country).

Renault Twizy's running costs – insurance, maintenance and energy (battery lease and electricity for recharging) – are just as modest, working out at 15 percent lower than those of a three-wheeled scooter.

Twizy gets around town faster than a car thanks to its unprecedented ultra-compact dimensions which also facilitate parking.

Thanks to its four-wheeled chassis and extremely low centre of gravity, Renault Twizy delivers a reassuringly stable ride, while disc brakes all-round ensure precise, efficient stopping power.

Also, since Renault Twizy's occupants are protected and held in place, they are under no requirement to wear any sort of protective gear.

Renault Twizy’s low weight (450kg, including the 100kg battery) directly benefits its operationalrangewhich is 100km (standard cycle).In everyday use, this figure may vary as a function of the driving conditions actually encountered.

 Twizy’s battery fully charges in just 3½ hours using a domestic electrical supply via a spiral cable stowed behind a flap at the front of the vehicle.

Its wraparound bodywork and side deflectors ensure enjoyable open-air motoring, protected from the elements and wind.

Twizy’s electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.
It is more agile than a car, while its acceleration performance is comparable with that of a scooter.Twizy’s electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

It offers up to two occupants –sitting in tandem, one behind the other – greater safety compared with a two-wheeled vehicle, thanks notably to an extensive list of active and passive safety features.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World

This world is full of beautiful things, some called natural beauty and some are manufactured by us. If we talk about boys they are crazy about many things that we can say that they love many things like cars, girls, sports but the craziest thing are motor bikes .They love to ride on bike. Men personality represents by the vehicle they keep most people love cars but the young generation wants to do crazy things with their buddies and bikes are the best things to do this.
Motorcycling is a very different euphoria. Here our topic is not to ride on bike but our main aim to inform you that this motorcycling needs millions of dollars. Yes we are talking about the top 10 most expensive motor bikes in the world.

10. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter 

This beautiful bike manufactured by confederate motor co used all over steel to give unique grace and very delegate look. This ranked tenth in the race of worlds most expensive bikes .This unique style bike named as Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter worth $110,000.

9. Coventry Eagle Flying – 8 (1928) 

This unique and beautiful bike is manufactured by ROYAL EAGLE in year 1928. This bike is 73 years old and we can still see that on road. Coventry Eagle had a great history. Bruce Smith, Stephen Broadbridge, John Ellis, and Ken Hodgson purchase this. This price of Coventry Eagle Flying – 8 (1928) is round about $120000.

8. Harley-Davidson Rocker

House of  Thunder is the name of very known manufacturing company. This Harley-Davidson Rocker was manufactured by this company.This is a German company works great to customize the bikes, The House-of-Thunder-customized Harley-Davidson Rocker is a true example of full-on customization, as it has been customized even to the last detail. The Rocker along with the yacht in background cost $22 million. The Rocker alone carries a price tag of $130,000.

7. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

This is 115 years old this bike was manufactured by Hildebrand & Wolfmuller . This bike is still inn in the ranking of top ten most expensive bikes. This particular bike from Hildebrand & Wolfmuller was the first ever motor-driven bike to be given the name of a motorcycle, which makes it extremely special. Currently, this particular bike is part of private collection in United States. The high price it carries is purely due to its rarity and history. This bike worth $150000,there is no exact picture available for this bike.

6. Hub-less Harley-Davidson

This beautiful bike was customized by Howards Killer CustomsWho works beautifully in it. Hub less bike looks very beautiful and unique ranked 6 in the race of top ten most expensive bikes The price is $155000.This Chopper looks very beautiful and different from others.

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX – Titanium Series

Ecosse FE Ti XX is not only too much expensive but also very beautiful bike Titanium Series is manufactured by the company which already has other credits to its name – The Ecosse Motor Works.The Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series produces as astonishing 225 horsepower utilizing its aluminum engine. The orders have already been booked, but the first lot will be delivered to China. The Ecosse FE Ti XX costs $300,000.

4. Legendary British Vintage Black

This bike is in this list at number four due to its uniqueness and also of antiquity. Legendary British Vintage Black worth nearer to $400000.This bike is not fastest one because this is a very old bike.

3. Gold-Plated Custom Chopper

The gold-plated Custom Chopper was unveiled at the International Motorcycle Show at Seattle, Washington. This literally-dazzling motorcycle looks more of a showstopper than a real motorbike, purely because of its look. The price of this extraordinary chopper is $500000. The bike sports a lot of gold plated to its metal parts with excellent and superb finish and shine. You would not want to take it on the road even.

2. Ultra-rare Porcupine

The second-most expensive bike in the world is a Porcupine, and it is extremely rare. This ultra-rare Porcupine was manufactured during World War II by AJS, a British motorcycle manufacture. This Porcupine was part of National Motorcycle Museum at Coventry for the past two decades, but is now on sale. With such rarity and history, it is anticipated to fetch nearly $750,000.

1. Million Dollar Harley by Jack Armstrong

The world’s most expensive bike is an artist-designed Harley-Davidson. It is also the world’s first $1 million motorcycle. It has been designed by Jack Armstrong. Jack Armstrong is known throughout the world for his painting style, which is known as Cosmic Extensional. With this style of painting on object, the observer is able to read and see different things from unlike angles. The motorcycle is priced at $1 million.

Now, a two-wheeled, self-balancing car!

Described as a "motorbike-car" hybrid, the Lit C-1 two wheeler uses a set of futuristic electronic gyroscopes to ensure it remains upright and balanced, similar to the technology used by Segway scooters and the recent Honda UNI-CUB.

A group of scientists have announced that within a few years it may be possible to sell a two-wheeled vehicle that can't tip over.

Described as a "motorbike-car" hybrid, the Lit C-1 two wheeler uses a set of futuristic electronic gyroscopes to ensure it remains upright and balanced, similar to the technology used by Segway scooters and the recent Honda UNI-CUB.

The technology allows drivers to sit and use a steering wheel, as in a car, but allows the C-1 to stay perfectly balanced, even at slow speeds or a standstill.

The secret to the balance are the gyroscopes under the floor, which spin rapidly in response to electronic sensors to keep the vehicle balanced at all times -- even, says Lit, if the vehicle is involved in a collision.

Gyroscopes, which harness the unique propensity of a spinning flywheel to stay upright, have been used for some time for stabilization, including on aircraft and on cruise ships to reduce roll caused by waves.

However, this will be one of the most unique applications to date, potentially enabling drivers to switch to smaller vehicles which offer the benefits of a bike with the comparative safety of a car.

The model can even cope with some luggage and an extra passenger, says Lit, although it's likely to involve some considerable acrobatics from the rear passenger given the small size of the device.

The C-1 uses electric drive and offers a battery pack capable of 200 miles (321 km/h) from a single charge, as well as reaching a top speed of over 120 mph (193 km/h) -- far faster than most electric cars available on the market today.

The manufacturer says that it could be available in showrooms by the end of 2014 -- it's already offering preorders on the website from $250, although the final price of the vehicle is unclear.

Best car interiors in India

With leather seats, wood inserts, lavish use of chrome, rear cameras, Bluetooth, and more, car interiors are becoming more luxurious than ever. With so many cars available in the Indian market today, which are the top ten interiors of cars priced below Rs. 30 lakh? Let’s find out.

The Hyundai Sonata's interiors look luxurious and distinct. The use of premium materials and soft leather ensure the Sonata is a good place to be in. The seats are supportive and have AC vents within them to give you that feeling of utmost luxury.

Targeted towards the youth, the MINI Cooper has modern interiors with a retro touch. The speedometer is the most stand out feature, while the leather seats and high quality dashboard make the MINI a great place to be in.

 The Skoda Superb has the most spacious interiors below Rs. 30 lakh. The dashboard is of high quality, while the rear bench offers oodles of space to the occupants.

The Jetta's interiors are a mix of sportiness and comfort. The 3-spoke steering-wheel is good to hold, while the quality is top notch. The dual colors give the Jetta's interior an airy feeling.

The Fluidic Verna might not have fluidic inspirations on the inside, but the dashboard design is nothing short of outstanding. Quality is high and the use of beige and wood has worked out very well.

The all new Fiesta gets all new interiors, which are a welcome change. The dashboard layout is more towards funky with the black theme and chrome inserts, while the unique meter pods are eye catchy.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the old Swift was the interiors and Maruti Suzuki seems to have fixed it to a certain extent with the new model. The new Swift's interiors are well laid out with thoughtful touches including the glass holder and the silver accents near the AC vents.

The best Tata vehicle till date, the Aria's simple yet quality interiors stand out. There are close to 30 cubbyholes to store your knick knacks, while the space levels are quite good too.

One of the most practical vehicles around, the Jazz has practical interiors which offer ample storage and legroom to the passengers. The wide glass area gives the Jazz a big car feel

The attention to detail by Mahindra on the XUV500's interior is truly remarkable. Right from the conversation mirror to the instrument cluster, the XUV500 screams of modern appeal.